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The wrist, also known as the carpus, is a complicated joint that connects the hand’s 5 metacarpal bones to the forearm’s radius and ulna bones. The wrist is made up of 8 or 9 little, short bones (carpal bones) organized in a two-row pattern. The distal radioulnar joint, that behaves as a pivot for the forearm bones; the radiocarpal joint, which is located in between the radius and the first row of carpal bones and it is involved in wrist extension and flexion; the midcarpal joint, which is located between two rows of carpal bones; and various intercarpal joints, which are located between adjoining carpal bones within the rows. The wrist’s flexibility and range of motion are due to its multiple bones and complicated articulations.

The radioulnar joint is separated from the rest of the wrist by a disc of fibrous cartilage between the radius and the ulna, which is enclosed in a capsule of cartilage, ligaments, and synovial membrane. Intercarpal ligaments reinforce the tiny wrist bones, whereas radiocarpal ligaments transport the hand along with the forearm in rotating motions.

Because of the significant number of bones inside the wrist, blood vessels and nerves in the region must flow via the carpal tunnel, a tiny passageway. During wrist flexion, a narrowing of this aperture causes the nerves to be severely compressed, resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome. Overuse of the tendons and ligaments can also result in bone fractures, dislocations of the numerous component joints, and inflamed tendons and ligaments.

Damage to any of the components of our wrist might make it extremely difficult to function. In order to operate correctly in our daily lives, we require the use of our wrist. We use it to write notes, pick up objects, and consume our meals, among other things. And any injury to it can give us a slew of issues. So it is important to take care of our wrists. Medharbour is your answer for wrist pain therapy if you are suffering from any form of wrist injury or discomfort. Wrist treatment, wrist dislocation treatment, wrist physiotherapy, physical therapy for wrist pain, and more therapies are available.

We treat sprains, impaction syndrome, arthritis pain, fractures, repetitive stress injuries, and other wrist injuries and diseases.

Stretching your wrist too far or lifting something heavy might sprain your wrist. When a ligament is damaged, it is called a sprain. The ulnocarpal joint — the junction between the arm bone and wrist bone on the pinky finger side of the hand — is the most common site for a wrist sprain. When the ulna arm bone is somewhat longer than the radius, it causes impaction syndrome, also known as ulnocarpal abutment. The ulnocarpal joint between this bone and your wrist bones becomes less stable as a result. Arthritis can cause discomfort and pain in the wrist joints. This can occur as a result of regular wear and tear or as a result of a wrist injury. An immune system imbalance can also cause rheumatoid arthritis. Arthritis of the wrist can affect any of the joints. 

Medharbour is you one-stop option for all kinds of wrist pain treatment and we take our commitment to curing with all seriousness.

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